HYPERICUM PERFORATUM L. - posso comer Hypericum perforatum L. en grávida ?

Podemos comer Hypericum perforatum L. quando voce esta gravida Descubra os riscos associados com Hypericum perforatum L. durante la gravidanza.

Hypericum perforatum L.
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Informação St. John's Wort is generally well tolerated, however it is sometimes noted allergic reactions, mild gastrointestinal disorders, headache, feeling tired ... I must however point out that these side effects were generally observed at doses above those recommended. The renowned Cochrane review published a meta-analysis concluded that the adverse effects of hypericum are few and minor, in addition they are lower than the reference treatments of depression. It is important to note that St. John's wort is phototoxic (hypericin and pseudohypericin are the photosensitizing agents), however it is estimated that the doses normally used are insufficient to induce this side effect. As a precaution, it is preferable to avoid exposure to the sun during the treatment period or cover the exposed areas (in particular for clear skins). In the absence of scientific data it is recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women not to use St. John's wort without medical advice. St. John's wort is not recommended in cases of bipolar disorder.
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hypericum-perforatum-l en grávida

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