INDIAN BROWN - posso comer Indian brown en grávida ?

Podemos comer Indian brown quando voce esta gravida Descubra os riscos associados com Indian brown durante la gravidanza.

Indian brown
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Informação Contraindications: Attention horse chestnut is not edible as such. Extraction beneficial active ingredients is required in order to capitalize on their benefits. As a precaution, the brown supplements are cons-indicated in people aged under 18 and pregnant or lactating women. Medical advice is also recommended for people with heart or renal failure. It is the same for all people on anticoagulant therapy, hypoglycemic treatment or iron supplementation. Side effects: To date, no major side effects have been reported when taking horse chestnut supplements. Only a few minor side effects, including nausea, digestive disorders,
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indian-brown en grávida

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