ZINGIBER OFFICINALE - posso comer Zingiber officinale en grávida ?

Podemos comer Zingiber officinale quando voce esta gravida Descubra os riscos associados com Zingiber officinale durante la gravidanza.

Zingiber officinale
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Informação Contraindications At the doses mentioned above, ginger is a well-tolerated by the body produces. However, it is against-indicated in people with high fevers, ulcers, skin inflammation or biliary obstruction (gallstones). As a precaution, ginger consumption is also not recommended in children under 6 years, nursing mothers and pregnant women. Note: There is currently a debate about the benefits of ginger for pregnant women. Some studies suggest that ginger may provide benefits to fight against the nausea of ​​pregnancy. Medical advice is recommended. Side effects: To date, no major side effects have been listed in the ginger taken at reasonable dosages. It is important to remember to avoid an overdose which would result in adverse effects such as burns stomachs and intestinal cramps. Directions: A ginger treatment can last from days to weeks depending on the desired effects. For prevention of motion sickness, it is strongly advised to consume ginger at least half an hour before departure.
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Todas estas recomendações são dadas apenas para informação, não podem substituir o conselho do seu médico.
zingiber-officinale en grávida

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